Best Car Design Courses

Best Car Design Courses

you are so lucky If you get here before buying a car design course, in this article we will show you the Best car design courses with the highest reviews (I would never let you buy something with a low review) and with a lot of successful purchases.

this is an affiliate blog so if you buy something through our links it will get you the same results but we will get a percentage from the seller (that is how we monetize our website) and thank you.

1- Blender for Car Design Course (for Beginners)

Best Car Design Course for Beginners

I would highly recommend to buy this course immediately if you are a beginner to car design industry, this course will explain everything easily for you and you will be able to make your first car design within 2 days, you can buy this course here

You can use this techniques to bring your ideas into 3D world with Blender software! It is definitely for beginners and for designers. You will learn how to bring your own ideas into 3D and use 3D for your ideation process.

Some details about learning speed:

First 1 hour

you will learn the interface and basic commands. 

Next 1.5 hours

you will learn how to build a basic car in 3D already. 

Next for 6 hours

you will learn all you need to bring your idea into 3D environment + adding materials + adding HDR + using different render methods. 

less than 9 hours

you will complete the course and you will build this from scratch! 

2- 3D Cars: Inside and Out in Blender (Best Price)

Best Car Design Course

In this step-by-step course we’ll tackle an amazing car design by professional designer Lee Rosario, and I’ll show you new ways to solve even the trickiest hard surface challenges with ease as we build this awesome car together from the first vertex to the final renders. So join me in this car creation journey, and learn tons of techniques for hard surface modeling, shading, rendering, and compositing, all inside the free open source 3D software, Blender.

Click here to buy this course

Best Car Design Course

Rigging and Animation

Once the model is complete, we’ll set it up with a basic rig to pose it for rendering. We’ll rig the wheels so they can spin and turn, and we’ll even rig the doors so they can open and close, giving us more options to customize the final look.

We’ll also animate the tires and the environment to set up motion blur for the final renders, really bringing the model to life. You’ll learn about parenting, constraints, keyframes, using the Graph Editor, and how to set up motion blur to get the perfect action shot.

Best Car Design Course

The Final Renders

Finally we’ll dive into all the elements that make a great render you can show off, including setting up lighting and an environment, getting the perfect camera angle, using Blender’s compositing nodes to make the final shot really pop, and even using Blender’s paint tools to add the final post processing to complete your renders.

And with plenty of room for customization, and several environments and lighting setups included in the training, you’ll be able to make the results your own.

3- Blender Advanced Car Design Course

Best Car Design Courses for Experts

Is this course for Beginners? No it is not, if you are a completely beginner I recommend to buy the first course that we told you about in this blog post.

This course is for intermediate and advanced level users who wants to get better at car design modelling.

you can buy this course here

Advanced Car Design Course

Single Payment

Life-Time Access

Free Future Updates

4- Udin Blender Shaders (Free Course)

Free Car Design Course


This collection aims at providing creatives with the most advanced Blender materials, to achieve quality in a heartbeat. It removes complexity and nerdy knowledge to let you focus on the work that matters. Click here to buy


Whether you are a paid customer or a free user, you get access to all the math and the nodes we developed for this collection. The free version only contains one generic material of each shader, whereas the pro and team versions include 980+ materials derived from these shaders, ensuring a very efficient shading experience where most of your needs are already fulfilled through one of those materials.

Each material has dedicated icon, name, tags, to make it as clear and organized as possible.

Free Car Design Course

Why do I need to pay?

You don’t! And we want to make sure that not having means doesn’t limit you creatively.

The free version doesn’t suffer from any restriction, it just doesn’t have the same amount of hours we spend hand-picking and testing the materials of the pro versions, and in that sense doesn’t have the 900+ variations. We put a lot of time and effort in this shader collection and believe that the value it brings far exceeds the price, and if you feel the same way and want to buy it, great! If not, it doesn’t matter, we will still put the same effort in making the best collection we can for you!

5- Car Design 101 – All in One (Sketch Course)

Sketch Car Design Course

With over than 100 great reviews this course is giving a huge amount of theoretical and practical knowledge, With 22 Videos you will be able to Start sketching like a professional car designer. Click here to buy this course

You will be confident to sketch different segments of cars like suv, sedan, hatchback, sportscars, supercars, pick up trucks and so on.

He will give you more than 40 practice files for using them to master your understanding on car design sketching.

For that price it is more than amazing to get all the value that this course is providing with a ratio of $2,6 dollars for each video.

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