Top 5 BMW Manual Transmissions Ever Made

Top 5 BMW Manual Transmissions

As a car lover and a BMW E34 owner we all need to admit that manual transmissions are much funnier and more reliable than the automatic ones, so if you are going to buy an old car I recommend to get it with a manual gearbox, I mean with a manual I can easily drift, shift and race my BMW without any worries.

BMW has long been celebrated for its commitment to driving dynamics, and manual transmissions play a pivotal role in delivering an engaging driving experience. In this article, we delve into the top 5 BMW manual transmissions ever made, showcasing their craftsmanship, performance capabilities, and enduring legacy in the automotive world.

1. Getrag 260

Getrag 260 manual transmission is a legendary gearbox renowned for its robustness, precision, and smooth shifting. With its five-speed configuration, the Getrag 260 offers a perfect balance of performance and usability, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and purists alike.

Getrag 260

Getrag 260 Features:

  1. Five-speed manual gearbox for precise gear selection
  2. Robust construction for durability and reliability
  3. Smooth and satisfying shifting experience

2. ZF S5D 310Z

ZF S5D 310Z manual transmission sets the standard for six-speed precision and performance. With its crisp gear changes and intuitive feel, the S5D 310Z enhances the driving experience, offering seamless power delivery and responsive handling.

ZF S5D 310Z

ZF S5D 310Z Features:

  1. Six-speed manual gearbox for enhanced performance
  2. Precise and responsive shifting
  3. Optimal gear ratios for spirited driving

3. Getrag 420G

Getrag 420G manual transmission is a powerhouse gearbox designed for BMW M cars, delivering uncompromising performance and driving dynamics. With its six-speed layout and short-throw shifter, the 420G offers lightning-fast gear changes and unparalleled control on the road and the track.

Getrag 420G

Getrag 420G Features:

  1. Six-speed manual gearbox tailored for BMW M models
  2. Short-throw shifter for quick and precise gear shifts
  3. Exceptional durability and performance under demanding conditions

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4. ZF S6-53

ZF S6-53 manual transmission pushes the boundaries of manual transmission technology, combining advanced engineering with precise shifting. With its six-speed design and optimized gear ratios, the S6-53 delivers an exhilarating driving experience, blending performance and efficiency seamlessly.

ZF S6-53 Transmission

ZF S6-53 Features:

  1. Six-speed manual gearbox for enhanced performance and efficiency
  2. Smooth and precise shifting for optimal driving dynamics
  3. Innovative design for durability and reliability

5. Getrag 250G

Getrag 250G manual transmission is a testament to timeless performance and driving pleasure. With its five-speed layout and intuitive gear selection, the 250G embodies the essence of BMW’s manual transmission heritage, delivering a visceral driving experience that enthusiasts cherish.

Getrag 250G Transmission

Getrag 250G Features:

  1. Five-speed manual gearbox for classic driving dynamics
  2. Intuitive gear selection for driver engagement
  3. Iconic design and reliability for lasting enjoyment

BMW manual transmissions are more than just gearboxes; they’re a testament to the art of driving dynamics and the joy of connecting with the road. Whether it’s the classic feel of the Getrag 260 or the precision of the ZF S6-53, each transmission embodies BMW’s commitment to performance, precision, and driving pleasure.

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